Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Formula to Milk

Dan and Ben in the snow last week. Yes, that is a plastic bag I have wrapped around Ben's foot.
He's one! He doesn't have snow boots! We are trashy!
Long time, no talk! Sorry for the delay folks. I would make the usual excuses, but ya'll have heard them all before. :) One thing I do want to mention is that Ben is just now coming out of another illness! He was spiking a high fever late Friday afternoon (daycare called), and I noticed a weird rash when I got him home. By that time, the pediatrician's office was closed. Before I saw the rash, I was just planning on taking him to the clinic hours they have on Saturday mornings. However, the rash really scared me (as did google). So I rushed him to a local urgent care/ER. The good news was that they didn't think the rash was anything serious. He did have an ear infection and some nasty virus.

His fever was up and down all weekend, but since he didn't have a fever most of Sunday and had a great night Sunday night, he was back at daycare yesterday. He is doing well now, but still does not have his appetite back. He won't starve himself, right? Right?!?!? This is his fourth or fifth ear infection event, so I have set up an appointment with an ENT. Tubes, here we come?

On a separate note, a week after he turned one, we started transitioning from formula to milk. I was a little confused about how to do this, along with transitioning away from the bottle. Ben hits the bottle hard, especially when he has had a long day. Our pediatrician said to just start giving him milk in a sippy. He also suggested putting water in his bottle to make him less interested in it. Finally, he said that he really only needs about 15 oz. of milk a day, but not to worry if he even gets less than that, just to give him some yogurt. My good friend (I mention her a lot here, she is a mother of three and a fancy heart nurse for babies) said that she transitioned to milk first, and then focused on transitioning to sippys.

So that weekend, I gave Ben straight up milk in a sippy cup, and he made such a repulsive face that Dan and I were sure the milk was sour. It was not. So after that, I starting mixing formula and milk. I started with half/half. Then 75% milk. Right now, we are right about to be all milk. I think I will start trying to transition to sippy cups this weekend. Our transition has been SLOW. I do have a deadline - at daycare they have to be bottle free by the time they move into the toddler room which is at 16 months. They also have to be pacifier free. YIKES. We are going to start working on that soon too!

A friend of mine who has a son that was born on the same day as Ben (I talked about her here) said this about her little boy's transition:

*Joseph gets a 6oz bottle when he first gets up at around 6am.
*He then gets a sippy cup with milk and a sippy cup with water any time he is in the high chair. I found he would drink milk from sippy cup with straw in the beginning. Now he will also use regular one, but drinks more with the straw.
*Then he gets another 6oz bottle before bed at 7. 
He used to get a bottle at around 9,1, and 4. Now I give him a snack or meal and the sippy cup. It seems to be working and he is taking straight milk. The first two times I tried it he drank less, but after that I don't think he even realized the difference.  
I tried warming up the milk and it didn't make a difference. I tried straight up milk for the first time with his morning bottle. He wakes up hungry so I thought he wouldn't be as fussy.  That seemed to work.
At daycare, Ben is pretty much on the same schedule as Joseph. At home on the weekends, he normally has one less bottle. So I am thinking about just giving him a morning and night bottle this weekend, and no during the day bottles (replaced with sippy cups of milk at snack and meal time). I'll let you know how it goes! (by the way, Ben also rejected the exact milk/formula combo that was in his bottle when I put it in a sippy cup for some inexplicable reason. I should note though that he started drinking water from a sippy cup months ago with no problem. So it makes no sense).
After we have somewhat mastered the bottle situation, I am think about going cold turkey with the pacis....but I can't get over how cruel it all seems. When he was born, I was constantly shoving a paci in his face, and when I started going to work, I trained him to take a bottle. Now that he is actually very on board with both of these things, I am going to rip them away! It seems unfair. Poor guy.

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