Friday, February 7, 2014

Bottle and Feeding Update (11 Months)

Nom nom! I talk below about my struggles with Ben and "healthy eating."
In this case, I had an ice cream cone and it felt cruel not to give him a taste. Spoiler alert: he loved it.

Hey Ya'll! I thought I would do an update on what Ben is eating and drinking these days. I can't believe that the transition to cow's milk will start next month! I am completely unclear on how I will do the transition - will I still put the cow's milk in bottles or try just putting it in sippy cups and wean off the bottles? Will I transition to cow's milk slowly or full turkey? (is that a saying?) If I transition slowly, does that mean I mix the formula and cow's milk together or just alternate what he gets? I am sure there is a "right" way to do these things, and I am just completely clueless. Whenever I talk to daycare about starting to transition him off the bottles, they look at my like I am a Nazi. BUT, at daycare he is supposed to be fully off bottles and pacifiers by 16 months! That is just four and a half short months away! I shudder to think about how he will nap without a paci, but I guess it is good to start weaning him off that too.

Soooooo, here is how it goes down currently on the weekdays:

First Bottle - 6 oz. when he wakes up (around 7am).

Breakfast (appx. 7:20am) - He will have some puffs/cheerios in his highchair (along with a sippy of water) while Dan and I run around getting things ready to go in the morning. We give him a handful, he eats appx. two, and feeds the rest one by one to Shelby, while smiling and saying "Uh oh!"

Second Breakfast (appx. 8am) - When he gets to daycare, he usually gets a cracker, some cheese puffs, and/or puffs. At some point, he also gets some banana (I put a banana in his bag each morning).

Second Bottle - 5oz. They usually give him his second bottle between 9am and 10am.

Lunch (appx. 11:30am) - Daycare prepares lunch everyday, and feeds the baby appropriate stuff to the babies eating solids. I have no clue how that goes down or the quantity that he actually eats, but they say he is usually a good eater. Sample lunches include: Vegetarian Chili with Kidney Beans, Rice, Pineapple Tidbits; Chicken Patty Sandwich with Green Beans and Applesauce, Pizza Muffins with Mandarin Oranges and Peas, Beef Taco Casserole with Pinto Beans and Peaches. I also send a fruit/veggie pouch in, and they normally give that to him at lunch as well. I think it supplements the lunch since there are a few things here and there that he might not be ready to eat yet.

Third Bottle - 5 oz. They usually give him his third bottle between 12:00pm and 1:00pm.

Snack - He normally gets a snack of a few puffs sometime in the afternoon.

Second Snack - I also send in a yogurt (Yo Baby) each day. They normally feed this to him around 3pm.

Fourth Bottle - They normally give this to him like around 3:45ish.

Dinner - Dinner is a crazy free for all. He is normally not too hungry, which is not that surprising considering all the food, snacks, and bottles that he gets during the day. Occasionally, he is starving though. Dinner can be anything. Pasta, chicken, beef, etc. I try to do a protein, veggie, and a carb. (The carb is usually the baby cheese puff (Gerber)) and maybe a cracker. I wait to give them to him until after he eats a fair amount of the protein and veggie and he gets restless. Sometimes, this happens in 30 seconds. He loves those cheese puffs. I know it is not the most healthy thing, but I try to parse them out, and he realllllly loves them. It can buy me about 5 minutes of time so that I can eat a little dinner myself while he is in his highchair. As far as veggies go, he loves green beans. He also likes broccoli and peas. The green beans and peas are from a can. The broccoli is from the freezer. Martha Stewart, I am not. I normally give him a Gerber arrowroot cookie at the end.

Fifth (and last) Bottle - 6oz. Given before bedtime at about 7pm.

A few notes about healthy eating: I really want to try and teach Ben healthy eating habits, and everyday I feel like I am failing. Every time I hand him a cheese puff or a cracker or a chicken nugget, there is a nagging voice in the back of my head saying, "Geez, you suck at this. Can't you get it together and feed him something tasty and healthy? His teeth are going to rot, and he is going to be on the Biggest Loser!"

I really struggle with it. I was never good at planning ahead to prepare meals to begin with, so I am certainly not good at it now. It is one of my (infinite) weaknesses. Countless times our pediatrician has talked to me about good nutrition and how kids are programmed to be unhealthy due to the ingredients of food and what they are given when they are babies. And I nod and make agreement noises, because it's all true. It is just so hard in practice. (One example he gave me was baby yogurt. He started by saying yogurt is a really awesome snack for babies because of the protein and calcium, and he encouraged me to feed it to Ben. But he said, just start them on plain, unsweetened regular yogurt, not baby yogurt, which has too much sugar. Do you know how hard it is to find plain unsweetened yogurt at our Safeway? It's ridiculous! They only sold it in the big pints. The baby yogurt is sold in the convenient individual packages. For daycare, this is what I need. I did buy a huge thing of the plain. Obviously, Ben didn't like it as much, and I threw most of it out).

I think what I need is a plan of sorts. Weekday dinner is always a last minute affair. So, if I do come up with a plan that is awesome (or semi-workable for me), I will let ya'll know!

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