Friday, January 24, 2014

Howdy Stranger! Teeth and Words!

Howdy! A lot of time has passed.
I am basically ready for college now.
Yikes! It has been over a full month since I last posted! I haven't quit ya'll, I promise. I just have just been a busy bee over here at work, and the new year has kicked my a** a little. But on to more interesting things, to me anyways.

I was a natural at that Christmas thing.
Ben is getting his first tooth! Finally! He is almost 11 months old, and still toothless. For the past week, he has been very fussy and sort of a demanding little boy diva. The only thing I could figure was teething (although, he was just getting over another bout of lovely pink eye). He was acting very different from how he does when he has ear infections. With those, he usually has just had or has a cold, is sad, pulls at his ear, and gets a fever. This week, he has been generally fussy and more angry and po-ed than sad. Plus, no fever. And we had JUST had a doctor's appointment last week and his ears were given the all clear. And, sweet Jesus, I finally felt a tooth the day before yesterday. That thing better have special powers to heal the sick or turn straw into gold or something.

For treatment, we have pretty much been using Tylenol and hugs. A friend of mine really recommends baby orajel. I am a little nervous about using it for some reason (like I will accidentally numb his whole throat), but I think I will buy some over the weekend to just have on hand.

Also, have we talked about first words yet? I can't remember. Well, I *think* Ben's first word is "light." Apparently, Dan and I have high standards for what is considered his first word, especially when that word is neither Mama or Dada. A few months ago, Ben's Nana started pointing at the light (normally while he was at the kitchen table) and saying light. Well, it caught on, and last month he was pointing and saying "-ight, ight!" At first, he was so happy about it, that it was pretty much all he would say. Like in conversation, "Ight, ight, iggggght, Ight?" He does seem to connect the word to actually light though, he will use it and point to a lamp, etc. At first, we weren't sure if it qualifies as his first word, because he wasn't pronouncing the "L." We have since been told that is ridiculous.

He is a little over "light" now. He still talks about it here and there, but he is not as obsessed. I think he might be moving on to "Daddy." It sounds more like "Dadt-ty?" and I am not quite sure it is 100% connected to Dan yet, because it may be an extension of just pointing to things and saying "Dadt?" But I think it is starting to be connected to Dan. Meanwhile, I basically put on a top hat and jump around and sing "mama" about 5 times a day while frantically pointing to myself, to no avail. Maybe his next word will be "crazy?"

Please meet my new friend, Peekaboo Elmo.
Here we are, just hanging out in my wagon, talking shop.
In other news, I did decide to switch up my schedule at work. I really wanted more time in the evenings to spend with Ben in a more relaxed manner. So, I got rid of my flex day (SOB), but now my hours are from 8am to 4pm everyday, which is great. And BIG BONUS, I requested a work from home day, which I got. Generally, you can either have a flex day or a work from home day, but not both. So now that I wasn't flexing, I could request it. So now, I work from home every Wednesday (unless I need to go into the office for some reason). Ben still goes to daycare that day (or else I wouldn't actually get any work done), but I don't have to commute in so things are a bit more relaxed. Plus, I can do amazing things like laundry or grocery shopping during my lunch break, since I am at home. And all in my yoga pants! I think Dan would die from shock if I actually did any yoga in my yoga pants. I think I need to rename them lazy pants.

So, here is what I have on the horizon for my next few posts: I need to do a schedule update with a bottle and food update possibly worked into it or separate. I also really want to finally write up Ben's birth story. It's a doozy, and I have been avoiding it a bit because I know that it will take a long time and make me emotional. But, I really want to write it all down before I forget any more details. And, we have a first birthday party to talk about! Also, I want to get back into recapping the Bach. Juan-uary is almost over!


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