Thursday, January 30, 2014

Daily Schedule Revisited (11 Months)

Ben is *just* about 11 months old (he will be in two days) so I rounded up. I am definitely due for a schedule update. The last one was at 7 months, and since then I have stopped breastfeeding and changed my work schedule (gave up my flex day, which was every other Friday, in exchange for leaving one hour earlier each day and working from home on Wednesdays). Really, the changes to the schedule aren't monumental, but here we go!

Enjoying his morning cheerios. This is from yesterday.
We had to have a quick photo sesh, because it was the first time he wore this hat.

Workday Schedule (11 month old and Formula/bottle-fed)

5:45am - Dan wakes up, gets ready.

6:00am - Dan wakes me up, I beg him for five fifteen more minutes. I finally wake up around 6:15/6:20 and get ready. I shower or bathe the evening before, so during this time I put on my make-up, straighten or curl my hair, and get dressed. If Ben gets up during this time, Dan gets him until I am ready.

6:45am - 7:00am - Dan usually leaves to go retrieve his Starbucks. If it is a Tuesday, he also drops Shelbs off at doggy daycare during this time.* I go downstairs and make all of Ben's bottles for the day (one for the morning, and three to take to daycare). I pack any other items in his daycare bag.

7:00am - 7:15am - I wake up Ben, hold him for a bit, give him his bottle, change his diaper, and pick out his outfit.

7:15-7:25am - I call down to Dan, and he comes up and dresses Ben. If I haven't made Ben's bottles yet and packed his bag (if Ben wakes up earlier), then I do that during this time. Otherwise, I will get all of my stuff ready for work ready (make my coffee, pack any food I want for the day). Dan brings Ben downstairs and puts him in his highchair with some cheerios and puffs (we used to give him oatmeal cereal, but he stopped eating it and just didn't seem that hungry in the morning. He eats more at daycare when he gets there). I kiss Ben, Dan, and Shelbs goodbye (Ben could care less, Shelby whimpers, Dan usually gives me the cheek because I have a cold), and I run out the door.

7:25-8:00am - Commute to work. I usually eat my breakfast (a Luna bar or granola bar) and drink my coffee on the way.

7:30am - Dan leaves the house to take Ben to daycare.

7:45am/8:00am - Dan drops off Ben at daycare and heads to work.

4:00pm - I leave work and drive like Cruella Deville to daycare, because I miss my son. I may call my sister or a friend (using Bluetooth! I'm safe!) and chat on the way there.

4:30pm - I arrive at daycare to pick up Ben. He is either crawling around or hanging out in a swing. It's a little strange when I look around the room and realize he is one of the older babies now. They really do grow up so fast! (tear).

4:50pm - Arrive home.

4:50pm-5:30 - Hang out with Ben. Getting home an hour earlier is awesome. I get to just sort of relax with Ben for at least a half hour before I have to start dinner. I let Shelby out, de-winterize us, turn on the space heater, and we play for a while.

5:30-6:15pm - Depending on how hungry he seems or I am, I may start to make some dinner at this time. While I do that, I usually put Ben in his jumper. I will usually just throw something quick together - chicken nuggets, pasta, left overs, canned or frozen veggies, etc. Then Ben and I will eat dinner together, while Shelby hawkishly waits for Ben to drop things. Sometimes, Ben and I will wait to eat until Dan comes home if he is getting home a bit earlier, bringing dinner home, or if Ben just doesn't seem to be overly tired or hungry yet.

6:15/6:30pm - Dan gets home. At this time, I am either having dinner with Ben, waiting for Dan to have dinner, or getting Ben into the tub.

6:15-6:45pm - We finish dinner, and I bathe Ben (I still do this only every other night, unless he gets particularly dirty sooner). Dan cleans the kitchen. If I have made something really messy, I give Dan the choice of either bathing Ben or cleaning the kitchen. I make sure to inform him that this includes any dirty pots or pans. He always chooses bathing Ben. Dan cut himself on a pot once (I know), and now he is scared of them.

6:45-7:00pm - Dan usually hangs out with Ben while I get stuff ready for bed for him (bottle-making, pacifiers in the crib, straighten up Ben's room and bathroom).

7:00pm - Give Ben his bottle and rock him for a while. He is usually asleep by 7:15pm. Bedtime might start a little later if we have waited longer for dinner. Dan normally washes bottles while I am putting Ben to sleep.

7:30pm-10pm- I normally go straight to the bathtub for a hot bath after Ben goes to sleep. Then, Dan and I watch some tv and chill. I may do some laundry. I do not pick out my clothes for the next day. I like to do that in 30 seconds the morning of, preferably from a wrinkled pile on the floor.

10:00pm - We go to bed. Wash, rinse, repeat.

A few things to note: Life has definitely gotten easier and less hectic. I feel like I have more time, and I am not rushing around as much. This is probably because I legitimately do have more time (since I get home an hour earlier now). Also, there is a big difference in having a 11 month old versus a 4 or 6 month old. Maybe it is due to less bottles/nursing, I don't know, but there is just more free time. Also, since I stopped breastfeeding, I have more time. First, bottle feeding is faster. Second, I am not pumping anymore. Third, there is less paraphernalia to wash. This is not to put down breastfeeding at all, I would do it all over again (for the savings alone! Formula be expensive, yo!), I just have a bit more time now. (I think the same would maybe be true anyway, for a kid who is just getting older, if you take pumping out of the equation). Finally, Dan isn't running in the evenings anymore. Things quieted down for him on that front after his marathon. Hopefully, he can work his runs into the morning routine when he wants to.

*Shelby goes to doggie daycare on Tuesdays because that is when we have the housekeeper come (I can't leave her there or else she would totally annoy them the whole time). Although the housekeeper only comes every other week, it is easier to just keep our schedule consistent each week with the dog walker. All other days (except for Wednesdays**), our sweet dog walker comes to walk Shelbs in the middle of the day so she can do her business.

**I work from home on Wednesdays now. Our schedule is still pretty much the same, except for Dan and I sleep in about a half hour later, because I don't have to get ready (or even brush my teeth!!!!). Ben still goes to daycare, etc. etc.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Heart and Seoul!

So Juan Pah-blo whisked the ladies away to Seoul, South Korea last night. I have never seen a group of ladies get as excited as they were when Hare broke the news of the trip. It was seriously like that SNL skit of Oprah where they just found out they were all getting new cars and start tearing each other's arms off due to over excitement.

I am going to address the question that I know is on everyone's minds, but was left completely unaddressed by the show. What happened to Molly while Kelly flitted off to South Korea? I imagine her in the mansion solo, lounging by the pool, peeing on the carpet, and thanking her lucky doggy stars that all of the rift raft was gone.

So there were two group dates and one Juan-on-one date. It seemed pretty clear from the beginning of the episode that there were trying to paint Nikki as the b*tch of the season, but I have loved her since the first episode. I stubbornly refuse to change my opinion that she is awesome. I don't care how much they try to change my mind. You see, she is a pediatric nurse, and I have a soft spot in my heart for them. My best friend is one (actually she is a fancy cardiac NICU like nurse practitioner or something, but still, babies), and the nurses that took care of Ben in the NICU were basically like angels to me. So when I saw Nikki taking care of tiny babies in the premiere, I decided she was the best. Plus, isn't she the cutest?

So, they begin by showing Nikki sort of being pouty about being on the group date, but hey - who wouldn't be pouty? The girls on her date did seem pretty annoying. And she faked it well. And THEN they showed her being sort of pouty about being on the crazy weird dancing date. But really, I do NOT blame her at all for this. I would have been mortified. And again, she managed to fake it well AND be funny about it during her interviews. But then the kicker was when she started talking about Kat to the other girls when Kat was on her Juan-on-one time. But that doesn't bother me either! Let's all stop pretending that we are perfect angels that don't talk about people sometime! First off, you can tell that she was prompted by someone when she started it. Second, it wasn't that bad! She just said that she thought Kat was here more to have fun or something. (I forget). But it is not like she called her a giant ho-bag or anything. Also, Kat was pretty annoying during the whole dancing part. But then, of course, the other ladies basically thought Nikki was the devil after that. But guess what suckers???? She got the rose!

Sharleen's date. Yawn. I don't know what to make of her. I find her a bit pretentious. I don't hate her, I just don't like her that much. I don't really have much to say about her date. I guess it was good that she was honest with Juan Pah-blo about the kids thing.

During the second group date, Juan Pah-blo decided (out of nowhere) that he was going to not kiss any girls because "he has a daughter." Last time I checked, he had a daughter when he was making out with Sharleen on a football field, with Claire in a hot tub, with Andi in a hot dog stand, with Cassandra (who is probably closer to Camila's age) in the kitchen, upside down with Chelsea, and with other girls that I have forgotten. Look, I don't care if he kisses the gals or not, BUT I find it weird to just decide a third of the way through to set boundaries. Now, I might not have found it so weird if he explained it better or if he stuck to it, but he did neither of those things! How cringe-worthy was it when poor what's-her-name asked for "un beso" and Juan Pah-blo denied her??? I was *dying.* Now, I am not saying that he should have kissed her just to kiss her. I sort of respect that he didn't. But he should have explained himself better AND actually followed through on what he said he was going to do. Instead, he just came of as sort of a flaky jerk.

On a side note, I like Andi. Plus, she seems to be good pals with Nikki. On a side side note, I find Claire annoying. It is sort of a pet peeve of mine when they show people freaking out at the local food. I find it sort of disrespectful to the locals. Also, it was octopus - that is no big deal. OH! And I cannot forget to talk about the horrible tiny fish eating dead skin. UGH. I have a bit of a phobia of small things in large quantities. It is a little hard to explain. BUT, those fish did it to me. I basically was hyperventilating a little bit while hiding behind my hands waiting for that scene to end.

At zeee rose ceremony, Nikki was painted as the villain, yet again, because she wanted to spend time with Juan Pah-blo even though she already had a rose. This situation happens every season. A rogue rose-holder bucks all thoughts of courtesy and dares to take up the Bachelor's time even though there are other girls who NEED that time and are ON THE LINE. My first thought is always - does the Bachelor have no control over their own time? For instance, Juan Pah-blo could have cut his time with Nikki short, and said "Thank Sweet Thang. I want to spend more time with you soon, but I have to talk to a couple of these yahoos so they know that I have really thought through my decision." For the most part, I usually agree that the rose holders should step back though. BUT my undying loyalty to Nikki made me change my mind this time. Plus, she cut Claire's time, so no biggie.

Poor what's-her-name and Elise got cut. Elise made it sound like she was leaving her own personal hell because of the "mean girls." (The cameras cut to Nikki). Which fine, but wasn't she JUST talking sshhhhiz about Chelsea last episode? I really felt for what's-her-name. She really regretted asking for "un beso" and cried "I always make mistakes!" It was heart-breaking. Don't worry girl! You're cute and young! You have your life ahead of you! Have a margarita with the girls and just have fun for a while! (But maybe stop trying to hit on guys with your piano bicycle).

Peace out folks!

p.s. I just read over my post and realized I forgot to put something in here about Kelly's comment re: Claire and the octopus, "I *know* you have swallowed things bigger than that." Hilarious. Kelly also stirred up trouble between Claire and Nikki at the rose ceremony. She is a trouble-maker, and I love it.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Howdy Stranger! Teeth and Words!

Howdy! A lot of time has passed.
I am basically ready for college now.
Yikes! It has been over a full month since I last posted! I haven't quit ya'll, I promise. I just have just been a busy bee over here at work, and the new year has kicked my a** a little. But on to more interesting things, to me anyways.

I was a natural at that Christmas thing.
Ben is getting his first tooth! Finally! He is almost 11 months old, and still toothless. For the past week, he has been very fussy and sort of a demanding little boy diva. The only thing I could figure was teething (although, he was just getting over another bout of lovely pink eye). He was acting very different from how he does when he has ear infections. With those, he usually has just had or has a cold, is sad, pulls at his ear, and gets a fever. This week, he has been generally fussy and more angry and po-ed than sad. Plus, no fever. And we had JUST had a doctor's appointment last week and his ears were given the all clear. And, sweet Jesus, I finally felt a tooth the day before yesterday. That thing better have special powers to heal the sick or turn straw into gold or something.

For treatment, we have pretty much been using Tylenol and hugs. A friend of mine really recommends baby orajel. I am a little nervous about using it for some reason (like I will accidentally numb his whole throat), but I think I will buy some over the weekend to just have on hand.

Also, have we talked about first words yet? I can't remember. Well, I *think* Ben's first word is "light." Apparently, Dan and I have high standards for what is considered his first word, especially when that word is neither Mama or Dada. A few months ago, Ben's Nana started pointing at the light (normally while he was at the kitchen table) and saying light. Well, it caught on, and last month he was pointing and saying "-ight, ight!" At first, he was so happy about it, that it was pretty much all he would say. Like in conversation, "Ight, ight, iggggght, Ight?" He does seem to connect the word to actually light though, he will use it and point to a lamp, etc. At first, we weren't sure if it qualifies as his first word, because he wasn't pronouncing the "L." We have since been told that is ridiculous.

He is a little over "light" now. He still talks about it here and there, but he is not as obsessed. I think he might be moving on to "Daddy." It sounds more like "Dadt-ty?" and I am not quite sure it is 100% connected to Dan yet, because it may be an extension of just pointing to things and saying "Dadt?" But I think it is starting to be connected to Dan. Meanwhile, I basically put on a top hat and jump around and sing "mama" about 5 times a day while frantically pointing to myself, to no avail. Maybe his next word will be "crazy?"

Please meet my new friend, Peekaboo Elmo.
Here we are, just hanging out in my wagon, talking shop.
In other news, I did decide to switch up my schedule at work. I really wanted more time in the evenings to spend with Ben in a more relaxed manner. So, I got rid of my flex day (SOB), but now my hours are from 8am to 4pm everyday, which is great. And BIG BONUS, I requested a work from home day, which I got. Generally, you can either have a flex day or a work from home day, but not both. So now that I wasn't flexing, I could request it. So now, I work from home every Wednesday (unless I need to go into the office for some reason). Ben still goes to daycare that day (or else I wouldn't actually get any work done), but I don't have to commute in so things are a bit more relaxed. Plus, I can do amazing things like laundry or grocery shopping during my lunch break, since I am at home. And all in my yoga pants! I think Dan would die from shock if I actually did any yoga in my yoga pants. I think I need to rename them lazy pants.

So, here is what I have on the horizon for my next few posts: I need to do a schedule update with a bottle and food update possibly worked into it or separate. I also really want to finally write up Ben's birth story. It's a doozy, and I have been avoiding it a bit because I know that it will take a long time and make me emotional. But, I really want to write it all down before I forget any more details. And, we have a first birthday party to talk about! Also, I want to get back into recapping the Bach. Juan-uary is almost over!