Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Awesomeness and Christmas Stress

When you're a child, a teenager, and even in your 20s, I think it is hard to understand why Christmas is ever considered stressful for anyone. Christmas is wonderful! Later you realize, it is because people make it wonderful for you. It doesn't happen magically (unless you're a kid reading this, then I am just joking, lots of magic is involved).

Decorating, present-buying, tip-planning, holiday luncheons at work, holiday meals at home, festivities in general. It is the most wonderful, busy, exhausting, exciting time of the year. My brain almost can't handle it. Following in my family's procrastinating footsteps, I get about 50% of things done in the final week before Christmas. I *wish* I could be one of those people who starts buying things in July and is done by Thanksgiving. Those smart people probably look at people like me and just think "hey, just do things sooner." Story of my life!

My finish-things-in-the-homestretch method is complicated this year by a nasty cold. I was just so tired, that I was getting even less accomplished than normal. I did go to the doctor yesterday and got a Z-pack. I know that you anti-antibiotic people are probably rolling your eyes, but I got fight this thing on all cylinders people! I got no time for this! On top of all of everything else is the physical uncomfortableness and emotional sensitivity I feel from ending breastfeeding. Which is a nice way to say, I am acting like a crazy person.

While I have Christmas stress on one hand, I have Christmas awesomeness on the other. My sister and nephews are coming here for Christmas, and I could not be more excited. I haven't been able to spend Christmas with my parents, sister, and nephews since 2010. Also, IT'S BEN'S FIRST CHRISTMAS! Not that he will know really what is going on, but it is still super exciting. And will probably lead to many a photo op.

At the end of the day, for me, Christmas is about being with family, generosity, and celebrating the birth of Christ. I am not super religious, but is hard to get around that last point. Experiencing my first Christmas season as a mother so far, I have realized that there are two main goals that I have for the Christmases future: (1) Making it magical and exciting for Ben and (2) giving back (i.e. making an example for Ben of giving to others less fortunate). I haven't focused so much on number one yet, since he is so young. And honestly, I have been so overwhelmed, that I haven't focused on number 2 either. But next year, my friends.

After venting about the stress part to the blogosphere (thanks for listening!), I find myself being able to focus more on the awesomeness part. Yay! I think all adults feel a lot of pressure to have everything be perfect, but when it all boils down to it, everyone will just be happy to be together. Cheesy, but true.

Merry Christmas to All!

p.s. If you are looking out for my Christmas cards, you will mostly likely be receiving them after Christmas (but before New Years! Small victories!)

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