Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Update on Food, Bottles, Breastfeeding

Please feed me more!!!
Ben LOVES food. He grabs it and forces it into his mouth like it is going to be taken away at any second. Which, to be fair, I do often because I am still afraid he is going to choke on it. I would say about 60% of it ends up in the highchair and on his lap. So far, he has had tiny pieces of the following: pot roast, sweet potatoes, carrots, pulled pork BBQ, cornbread, tilapia, avocado, banana, strawberries, chicken tortellini, bread, hamburger, green beans, and baby cookies. Dan drew the line at cinnamon roll. I wanted to give him a tiny piece, but Dan said he was too young! I felt guilty eating it in front of him. Ben has also had the baby puffs, of course, and at daycare - the dreaded saltines. Here is his food/bottle/nursing situation currently during the week:

Wake up (6:40am): Nurse

Breakfast before Daycare (7:10am): Oatmeal Cereal (made with formula and some pureed fruit baby food). We usually offer him a sippy cup full of water (sometimes I put the tiniest amount of apple juice in there. I have to say it was only after I started doing this that he seemed to actually start drinking from the cup occasionally).

Snack at Daycare (8:00am): Puffs and Whole Saltines (!!!). We gave a sippy cup to daycare to offer him water while he is there occasionally. I think they usually do this when he has is puffs.

Bottle at Daycare (9:30ish): I send in three 5-6oz. bottles. One is usually all breast milk, one is all formula, and one is a mix.

Lunch at Daycare (11:30ish): Jar of Baby Food (Lately, I have been turning to the bigger jars that are made for babies 9 mos. and older that are chunkier).

Bottle at Daycare (12:30ish): He may also have another snack of puffs at some point in the afternoon.

Bottle at Daycare (3:30ish)

Snack at Daycare: (4:30ish): Yogurt (Yo Baby)

Dinner at Home (6:00ish): This is when I have been feeding him the "real food" finger foods (listed above) for the most part, although sometimes I will just do a regular size jar of baby food and puffs.

Nurse at bedtime (7:00pmish)

During the weekend, things are a little more fluid. He only nurses, no bottles at home. And not because I have banned them or anything, he refuses to take the bottle at home. It is frustrating actually, because I know if I am going to be gone for a while, he won't have any breast milk or formula. I try not to stress out too much about this, because he is older now (almost 9 mos.) and he can get nutrition from other ways (including liquid from a sippy cup). I have tried putting formula in a sippy cup, by the way, and he doesn't drink it really.

Breastfeeding sessions are shorter, although he still takes an average of 20 mins in the morning. I am only pumping 6 to 8 oz. at work. I worry that Ben may not be getting enough breast milk during the day on the weekends when I am nursing him only. But, I really don't know what to do about that since he won't take a bottle at home. Sooooo, oh well. He was at the doctor last week (he had Croup!), and he weighed 18 lbs 2 oz.

Ben is definitely showing a preference for non-baby food. Sometimes, he will get majorly po-ed when I pull out a jar. He has tasted the good stuff! He loves yogurt though. Now, I am starting to realize I am going to have to make things for him to eat. I know, DUH, right? I don't hate to cook or anything, it is just that we don't have much time in the evenings to throw things together. In the past, our weekday dinners normally consisted of things that could be quickly heated in the oven (hello chicken nuggets!) or microwaved. My weekday vegetables are canned. So, I am going to need to reevaluate food and what I should be feeding him. We have our 9 month doctor's appointment next week, so I am looking forward to discussing this with our pediatrician.

Along the same lines, I am thinking about adjusting my schedule and, GULP, getting rid of my flex day. Sad trombone. I talk about my flex day here. There is just not enough time in the evenings. Getting home at 6pm is not cutting it. That just gives one hour before I nurse him before bed. Eating takes a while and so does bathing. It is just too rushed. So, I am probably going to requested to get rid of my flex day and be able to leave one hour earlier each day. I'll let you know the new schedule if this happens!

That's all folks. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! 

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