Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Workplace Etiquette: Going to Work Sick

Listen Mom, it's Sophie the Giraffe's fault. She had the cold first, I swear.
Ah-choo! I'm sick of being sick. Yet again, the whole family is coming down with a cold. I am still on antibiotics from my sinus infection from my previous cold, and I think I was feeling 100% for maybe a day. Not exaggerating. Poor Dan is three weeks away from his marathon. And Ben. Poor Ben. He was actually chugging along in a pretty good mood this morning, so I am not sure if it has hit him too badly yet. Or maybe he is blissfully ignorant, because he is just a baby and doesn't know what he is in for yet. Fingers crossed for a short, light cold this time around.

As I was sitting in my office sneezing this morning and sipping on tea, I began to wonder if my coworkers hated me. I am the only one in the office with a germy baby, and people besides me have been getting colds. In all fairness to myself, it is that time of year. BUT, (in my best Carrie voice) I couldn't help but wonder, are my coworkers blaming me for their colds?

Promptly, I called one of my co-workers (even though she is in the office next to me), and asked, "Do ya'll hate me? Should I be at home?" She reassured me that no, it's fine. People know how to wash their hands and use hand sani. Of course, I specifically called that co-worker, because she is nice and has two teen boys of her own. But that is besides the point.

I googled that the most contagious time of a cold is the first 2 or 3 days. I started feeling the twinges yesterday, and began full-fledged in the night. So, I am just going to count today as Day 1. Imagine the monkey in Outbreak biting me today or me (as Gweneth) shaking hands with the chef with poor hygiene in Contagion. Patient Zero. Day One.

So I am probably pretty contagious today, but don't feel quite bad enough to stay home. Plus, it *could* be a not-so-bad cold. Who knows. If I stayed home for a few days every time I had a cold lately, I would probably be out of work 50% of the time. I need to be in the office doing stuff. Especially, since I just had a baby. Gotta be showing the world I can handle my shiz.

That being said, I don't want to be a discourteous pain in the butt. I am thinking if I am still feeling cold-y, I may stay home with Ben tomorrow or ask to work from home. That will at least be one "contagious" day where I am not spreading my germs. For the record, I did stay home two days the week before last.

And then there is the whole daycare aspect as well. If I am contagious, then Ben probably is, too. And that is the whole problem, right? Contagious babies - putting everything in their mouths and giving each other high fives. By the time he actually seems sick enough to stay home, he has probably already spread his germs.

I love the age Ben is at now. It is so fun. I don't want to wish to fast-forward, but I REALLY want his immunity to bulk up already. Or for him to be coordinated enough to wash his hands. Until then, I may just have to start buying donuts for the office every week to smooth things over....

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