Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloweeeeeeen!

Here are a few pictures from our neighborhood parade last weekend. On a side note, Ben has had some very spooky poops lately. I just noticed it this morning. I had to quickly clip Ben's nails while Dan was changing his diaper, and I noticed the color was off (light gray and runny, sorry to be gross). I commented on it, and Dan said - um, it's been like this for a couple of days, how did you not know? Because I haven't changed a poopy diaper since Sunday, that's how! Ugh. Dan changes him and gets him ready in the morning after I nurse him while I get all of his stuff ready. And then, daycare changes all of his diapers during the day obviously. Then, he doesn't really poop normally after I pick him up in the evening (when I change him, etc.). I did know that he had been pooping a lot and having a blow out  each day from the report card and the fact that his clothes were changed, but that happens now and then, so I wasn't concerned. But today was the first time I saw the color.

So basically, a change in Ben's poop has gone unaddressed because his mother hasn't been changing his diapers. All aboard the guilt train! But hurry, you're late as usual!!! I called the doctor this morning and left a message with the advice nurse. I can take him in if I need to tomorrow. Hopefully, it's not a big deal, he is acting like his normal self and does not seem to care that his poops are more disgusting than normal.

On that note, have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!

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