Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Refusing the Bottle

I'm so sophisticated now. I should probably be drinking from a Waterford wine glass.
Beginning last Monday, Ben started to refuse his bottle. They told me that when I went to pick him up sick at daycare. I wasn't too concerned about him not eating - he had nursed for a long time that morning and had solids for breakfast. I noticed he nursed less during day on Tuesday and Wednesday, and attributed it to his ear infection. By Thursday and Friday, he seemed completely recovered and was acting normally. However, he would not take a bottle either one of these days. Dan's parents watched him on Thursday, and Dan was home with them as well on Friday with him. I was at work, and he pretty much just didn't have any breast milk until I got home. He was fine otherwise, and in a good mood. He would just not drink. I would say about 12 oz. of my breast milk was lost in the process over the week.

I freaked out! What was going to happen back at daycare? I immediately went out and bought sippy cups as an alternative. He hated them. I worried about it all weekend. I sent 15 oz. to daycare in six different bottles. Dan talked about it with his caregiver when he dropped him off. I called the front office and asked them to have his caregiver call me when she had the chance to talk about it. It was the first day of school there (the daycare is a preschool as well), so it was a busy day for them.

She called around 10am. He had had his first bottle, no problem. When I picked him up, he had drank all that I had sent. The message from the caregiver was - send more please. I am not sure what sort of magic/torture she worked on him, but I am OK with it. I am also OK with him drinking whatever amount they want at daycare now. I never withheld it before, but I stressed out about it. However, having him NOT take a bottle was so much more worrisome.

So today I was back to sending three 6 oz. bottles and one 4 oz. bottle. Normally (although this was all over the place lately), he just drinks the three 6 oz. bottles and the fourth is taken home. I was able to add a bit to my freezer stash last week due to him not drinking anything. So I think it is around 95 oz. now. I am now officially not worried about how much breast milk I have or produce each day. At this point, even if I have to supplement everyday from the freezer, I can still get through another month. He is six months now, and I feel pretty good about it. I feel like I wasted so much energy (and blog posts, haha) worrying about my breast milk production while pumping at work. I am glad I did everything I did, but I definitely think I could have worried and stressed about it less. Why I am so weird and dramatic?

So why was he refusing the bottle? I guess it was some sort of combination of being sick and then being at home. Also, I think he is starting to prefer solids. I may have Dan give him a bottle over the weekend to see if he is back to "normal" at home as well. Also, he has his six month check up on Friday, so I have lots to discuss with the doc about eating!

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