Monday, September 30, 2013

First Night Away + TV Schedule (Sorry I'm not Sorry)

Dan's and my five year wedding anniversary was this past Friday. To celebrate, we decided on a mini "staycation." A night away in D.C. - have dinner and stay at a hotel in the city for a night while my parents watched Ben. Everything went really well Ben-wise. However, I was still coughing like a maniac, so we didn't really get to live it up like I wanted. I had planned on having copious cocktails and staying out longer than say, oh, 7pm. It didn't turn out that way, but it was still nice to sleep in! And we had cupcakes! For the record, I tried to drink a martini, but it sent me into a coughing fit that had me running to the bathroom and my eyes watering. When I came back to the table, it looked like I had been crying. Dan was pretty sure that people would think that we were having a fight. Look at that mean husband! Tsk tsk! Luckily, it was before 6pm, so the restaurant was basically deserted.
Mama, it's Fall TV season already?!?!
I am still glad that we went though. It was nice to get some good rest, and it was nice to get that "first night away" checked off. Now, I feel a little more laid back about planning any future outings since this one went so well.

These words came out of my mouth this weekend to Dan - "Don't you wish our DVR could be piped into the hotel TV?" Dan and I love our television, and I think it may be time to reveal our true colors to you and unveil or Fall TV Schedule.

Yes, this is a thing. For the past few years, I have printed out our Fall TV Schedule. We actually chat about it beforehand, I print it out, and we put it in the fridge for easy reference. So we know what we have going on that night for watching/DVR-ing. Sorry I'm not sorry! I kind of think this is one of the things that Dan loves most about me. So here it is!

Abbey & Dan’s Fall 2013 TV Schedule
8:00pm       How I Met Your Mother (9/23); Bones (9/16)
9:00pm       Sleepy Hollow (9/16)*
10:00pm     Hostages (9/23)*
8:00pm       Brooklyn Nine-Nine (9/17)*
9:00pm       New Girl (9/17); Marvel’s Agents of Shield (9/24)*
9:30pm       The Mindy Project (9/17)
8:00pm       Survivor (9/18); Revolution (9/25)
9:00pm       Modern Family (9/25); Super Fun Night (10/2)*
10:00pm     It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (9/4)
8:00pm       Parks & Rec (9/26); Big Bang Theory (9/26); Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (10/10)*
9:00pm       Glee (9/26); Grey’s Anatomy (9/26); Reign (10/17)*
9:30pm       The Michael J. Fox Show (9/26)*
          10:00pm        Dracula (10/25)*
          8:00pm       Once Upon a Time (9/29); Amazing Race (9/29)
         9:00pm      Walking Dead (10/13)
        10:00pm     Homeland (9/29)

All of the shows with an asterisk are new shows. You can see that there are nine new shows on our schedule. Most of these will be eliminated within the next couple of weeks. Dan and I have discussion about which shows we are going to "break up" with that don't make it. We like to keep the list tight. I can already tell you that Hostages probably won't stay on. I haven't watched it yet, it could be good, but I am just never in the mood to turn it on. Also, we both don't watch all of these shows, some are just for one of us. For instance, I don't watch Amazing Race or Walking Dead, and Dan doesn't watch HIMYM, Glee or Grey's. I am also watching The White Queen, but it is about to end.

So there you go! I have revealed our insane loserdom to everyone. But then, I have already revealed my weight so really this can't be much worse.

Obviously, we don't get to watch TV until Ben has gone to sleep for the night. GOD BLESS THE DVR. Seriously. The best invention ever.

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