Friday, August 30, 2013

The Dreaded Call From Daycare

Hey ya'll. I'm just happy to be home.
During my lunch hour on Monday, I changed into my work out clothes and hopped on the treadmill. I tossed my phone in the cup holder, and got moving. I have gotten into a habit of taking my phone with me everywhere, because I am the daycare contact. Five minutes later, daycare called. I must have answered in a panicked voice, because the daycare person immediately said, "It's not an emergency." Or maybe she says that every time for everyone. ;)

Ben had a fever of 101.2, and I needed to come pick him up. He also hadn't been wanting his bottles. So I quickly changed back into my regular clothes, and flew out the door. I made it to daycare in 40 minutes. It would have been much less, except I missed my exit off of the highway, because I was making calls to the pediatrician's office and distracted.

Like I said in my post on Monday, Ben had had a stuffy nose for a while. He had a slight fever on Saturday, but seemed fine to go to daycare on Monday morning. He had been really fussy at night, but had a great night on Sunday. I honestly thought he was almost all better. I was probably imagining it, but when I went to get him, I felt like some of the caregivers were looking at me like - Oh, that lady sent her sick kid to daycare on purpose. I swear I didn't!!! I mean I did, but not on purpose. Did I *want* him to be all better because I had a lot of work this week (and always want him to feel well)? Sure. Did that cloud my judgment of his condition? I hope not. Does asking myself questions change anything? Nope. Am I nuts? You betcha!

So I managed to get him an appointment with his pediatrician that afternoon. Apparently, he had a "minor" ear infection, and he was prescribed antibiotic. My sister argues that no ear infections are minor, and that is a bunch of baloney. Regardless, he got the meds.

When I asked the doctor how long Ben should stay home, he said something like, "Well, if you *can,* it would be better for him to be home this week." While also saying things like, "His ears don't look that bad at all. I am not even going to do blood work, because he looks so good."  Anyways, I hate that "grey" area of "stay home with him if you *can.*" Well, of course we "can." No one is holding us anywhere against our will. Is it a pain in the ass? For sure. I almost wish the doctor would just take the choice away from me and say - he should stay home this week. That way, I wouldn't feel like I should be at work. Because, of course, we are going to keep him home if it would be better for him. So, I stayed home with him on Tuesday, and Dan was planning on staying home with him on Wednesday. Then, out of nowhere, my office was closed (under the understanding that people would telework) because of the 50th anniversary of MLK's March on Washington. So I was able to stay home with him Wednesday as well.

For Thursday, Dan's parents watched him all day. They drove down for a visit Wednesday evening and are staying through the weekend. We had always planned on this, because daycare was closed Thursday and today for "teacher work days" before the school year starts. Dan and his parents are home with him today.

He has been great, and hasn't had another fever since his fever on Monday. He has been SUPER weird with eating though, not being hungry for a bottle or nursing from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. I am not sure if this is due to being sick or if he is starting to drop a feeding. I feel like he is too young to drop a feeding, but he has been eating more solids lately. So who knows. Luckily, we have his doctor's appointment a week from today, so I can ask all of these questions.

So I have survived my first dreaded call from daycare. With him having that really bad cold at the beginning of August and this ear infection now, August has been a bit rough. There have been two whole weeks out of this month where he was home from daycare, and Dan and I have had to arrange to be home between the two of us. One of the daycare front office people said her granddaughter seemed to be leveling off sick-wise at about 8 months.

We will see!!!

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