Friday, August 2, 2013

Schedule Revisited!

What up? I got dimples, and I go with the flow.
I'm a little over a month in being back at work, and Ben is a month older. I thought it would be a good time to revisit the ole' schedule to see what has changed. As a note, I am home every other Friday due to my flex schedule. Which is awesome. Maybe I'll post a flex day schedule at some point.

Workday Schedule (5 month old and Breastfeeding/Pumping)

5:45am - Dan wakes up, gets ready

6:00am - I wake up and get ready. I shower the evening before, so during this time I put on my make-up, straighten my hair, and get dressed. If Ben gets up during this time, Dan gets him until I am ready.

6:30am - 7:15am - Bring my granola bar, coffee, and water to the couch, grab Ben, and breastfeed. If Ben is still asleep, I bang around the kitchen while doing all of this. I might also get all of my bags ready for work before I grab him. I usually don't start actually breastfeeding until around 6:40am. If he is really sleeping hard, I might not get him up until 7am, because I feel terrible about waking him up. I'm late those mornings (but it hasn't happened often). Dan goes to Starbucks to get himself a venti vanilla iced coffee with soy milk (his one luxury, he's such a yuppy). If it is a Tuesday or a non-flex Friday, he also drops Shelbs off at doggy daycare during this time.*

7:15-7:30am - Change and dress Ben (sometimes Dan dresses Ben if I am running behind, Dan is usually chatting with us while I am dressing him, and Shelby is paying close attention as well), get my things together, give Ben and Shelbs lots of kisses goodbye (Ben could care less, Shelby is whimpering from sadness), and run out the door. Come back because I forgot something. Shelby gets all bent out of shape because she *just* said goodbye to me and can't handle me coming back inside. Ben continues playing with his toy.

7:30-8:00am - Commute to work. It's summer now, so traffic is lighter than normal. I may have to start leaving earlier in the fall. Sad.

7:45am - Dan leaves the house to take Ben to daycare and go to work.

8:00am - Dan drops off Ben at daycare.

8:45am - Dan arrives at work.
    • During the day, Ben usually has three 6 oz bottles of pumped breast milk. I also send a fourth 4oz. bottle for him just in case. He usually only takes it about once every week or so.
    • I pump three times at work - 8:15am, 10:45am, 3:30pm. This is a recent change (from pumping four times to pumping three times. I am going to do a pumping update post next week).
    • If I get in any exercise, it is during my lunch break. We have a gym in our building with a few treadmills.
5:00pm - It's 5 o'clock somewhere! I leave work and drive like Cruella Deville to daycare, because I miss my son. I may call my sister or a friend (using Bluetooth!) and chat on the way there.

5:30pm - I arrive at daycare to pick up Ben. His mood is one of the three: (1) Happy and alert, (2) tired and slightly cranky, or (3) Just fell asleep like 5 mins prior. The saddest is always if he has just gone to sleep because he always wakes up when I put him in is car seat. Sometimes he will fall asleep on the way home, if he hasn't slept much during the day.

5:45pm - If Shelby is at doggy daycare that day (Tuesdays and every other Friday), then I pick her up on the way home.

5:50pm - Arrive home.

5:50pm-7:30pm - Throw the expressed breast milk and any daycare left overs in the fridge. Quickly let out and feed Shelbs. If Ben has fallen asleep on the way home, I will go ahead and make/wash bottles while he sleeps (this is not often). I don't let him nap past 6:30pm (he is usually up on his own before then anyways). Bathe Ben (I do this every other day). Play with Ben, change and dress him for bed. Look at his fingernails, and say - Damn, I need to clip those. Don't clip them. Squeegee out his nose if it's stuffy. It's almost always stuffy lately. Lotion his dry spots. Deal with his under neck grossness. Breastfeed him.** I may breastfeed him before all of that if he seems hungry. This also depends on when he had his last bottle at daycare.

6:45pm- Dan gets home. Monday is his day off from running.*** On a Monday, he will usually bring something home for dinner. If I am not feeding Ben, we may put him in his chair at the table and chat together while we eat. Other days, Dan warms up for his run, then goes for his run.

7:30pm - Put Ben to bed. It may be a little earlier or a little later than this, depending on how sleepy he is. TRY to remember to give him his Vitamin D drop on his paci, normally forget.****

7:30pm-10pm- If Ben seems pretty knocked out, I go ahead and shower. If I think I will need to go back in, I will wait to shower until after Dan gets back from his run and showers. I make myself some dinner and eat. (If I am hungry earlier, I will have a snack while I breastfeed so that I'm not starving). I make the bottles for the next day. I wash all of the bottles and pump parts. On Mondays, Dan will usually wash the bottles, etc. earlier. I check and see if Ben needs any supplies for daycare. Dan gets home from his run, showers, and then makes himself some dinner and eats. We collapse in front of the t.v. for a bit and pet the dog.

9:00pm - I pump.

10:00pm - We go to bed.

Wee hours of the morning -  Ben usually sleeps through the night now (knock on wood). He wakes up enough to wake us up, but normally goes back to sleep without us needing to go in. Sometimes, Dan goes in and gives him the paci. This morning, I ended up having to get up at 5:30 to feed him. Hopefully, that is not going to happen often. Yawn.

A few things I have learned over the past month:

(1) Feed myself. If I don't, I get cranky, which is no fun for anyone. This means to make sure I get myself a snack while I breast feed Ben in the evenings if I'm hungry. No need to starve myself until I can eat dinner.
(2) Even though a lot of my time in the evenings with Ben is maintenance (bath, changing, etc), make this play time and talk time as well. Not all business.
(3) If I don't give Shelby at least some minimal amount of attention, she takes dumps on the carpet.
Before a walk. This activity only happens on flex Fridays and weekends.
*Shelbys goes to daycare on Tuesdays because that is when we have the housekeeper come. Although the housekeeper only comes every other week, it is easier to just keep our schedule consistent each week with the dog walker. I am home every other Friday due to my flex schedule, so Shelbs goes to daycare on the other Friday. All other days, our sweet dog walker comes to walk Shelbs in the middle of the day so she can do her business.

**I don't feed any solids to Ben in the evening anymore, because I have them give him a jar for lunch and he doesn't need more than that now.

***I asked for Dan to make this change. He used to take Fridays off. I told him it was more helpful to have him around on Monday evenings, because Mondays suck.

****I am thinking I will maybe start putting the drop in one of his bottles at daycare?

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