Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Not a Good Day: Daycare Woes, Insurance Woes, Boo Hoo

There hasn't been a post up this morning, because I wasn't inspired to write anything good. I am having a "bad" working mom day. Meaning, I am feeling frustrated with my daycare, sad about leaving Ben, and just generally icky. Then I figured, well I might as well write about that.

Over the month of July, I got into a pretty good groove with daycare. He had one main caregiver during the day, and I communicated with her a lot about Ben's eating, etc. However, she is on the earlier shift, so she is not normally there when I pick Ben up. On a Monday two weeks ago when I picked Ben up, I noticed that it looked like his report card had been filled out by someone else. Plus, his bottle amounts, etc., were all off. I asked and was told that his normal main person was covering for someone else on vacation in the kitchen (seriously?) for two weeks so a different person was subbing in for her and would be taking care of Ben for the next two weeks. The sub was a person from another room that I had never met. I was annoyed. It makes a huge difference to me that I know who is taking care of Ben. I understand that any teacher in his room could take care of him at any time - that is the deal with daycare. But this was a change-up, and I just wanted to be informed about it.

I introduced myself to the sub the next day. She was very sweet, we had a quick chat about Ben, and I felt better. Her two weeks were over on Friday. Well the same thing happened yesterday with a different sub! I had thought the main normal person would be back, but it turns out she is not back until September 2nd. Yet again, I only found out about it after looking at Ben's report card. Plus, his eating was all off, his naps were weird, and he was cranky. To be fair, he is totally off of his schedule from being sick last week. But it still put me on edge. This sub is not there when I pick up, so I am not able to introduce myself to her unless I come in late to work one day. Dan was able to talk to her this morning though.

I guess the point of it all is that I am sure that any teachers from within the school who sub into Ben's room are great, wonderful people. I just want to know about it beforehand is all. This, of course, has me rethinking daycare all over again and wondering what type of care he is getting. Then I second guess myself and wonder if I am being crazy and overprotective. When I spoke to one of the women in the office about it yesterday, she said no one has ever brought this up with her before.

A couple of other things that have me cranky are (1) I received a denial of an insurance appeal for Ben's care in the NICU and (2) my milk production is super low today.

The insurance thing is VERY annoying and stressful. Basically, the neonatologists (NICU doctors) that took care of Ben are non-participating providers so my insurance only covers what they believe is reasonable and customary. I was billed for the balance. It was an in-network hospital, I had no choice of doctors, and it was an emergency/unplanned situation.   Anyways, my health plan is employer-funded and my employer makes all final decisions regarding the plan. That means my co-workers in my legal department will be reviewing it. Awkward.

So I am a bit pouty today. Grrrrrrrrr.....Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue.

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