Friday, August 2, 2013

I Got it EASY!

So I just did that schedule update earlier today. During lunch, I started reading my book club's pick for this month called Mudbound by Hillary Jordan. This is an excerpt of the book detailing one of the character's (a mom) daily routine:
One day slid into the next. My hands did what was necessary: pumping, churning, scouring, scraping. And cooking, always cooking. Snapping beans and necks of chickens. Kneading dough, shucking corn and digging the eyes out of potatoes. No sooner was breakfast over and the mess cleaned up than it was time to start dinner. After dinner came supper, then breakfast again the next morning.
Get up at first light. Go to the outhouse. Do you business, shivering in the winter, sweating in the summer, breathing through your mouth year-round. Steal the eggs from under the hens. Haul in wood from the pile and light the stove. Make the biscuits, slice the bacon and fry it up with the eggs and grits. Rouse your daughters from their bed, brush their teeth, guide arms into sleeves and feet into socks and boots. Take your youngest out to the porch and hold her up so she can clang the bell that will summon your husband from the fields and wake his hateful father in the lean-to next door. Feed them all and yourself. Scrub the iron skillet, the children's faces, the mud off the floors day after day...
Since the book takes place in the 1940s, I doubt she is talking about a breast pump when she says "pumping." Haha. 

I think I will take my schedule, thankssssssss.

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