Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Des Makes Ben Sick!!!

Actually daycare makes Ben sick. I was nursing and rocking a sick Ben during the better part of the finale last night, so you will have to bear with me with the spottiness of this post. I also only watched about a third of the After the Rose this morning. Sad! I knew eventually this mommy thing would cut into my important tv-watching...

We start the show LIVE with Hare. He is with a studio audience, and they are all going to watch the finale together. They started doing this a couple of seasons ago, I think. I don't mind so much, but I fill like the "questions & answer" part is filler I can basically fast forward through.

Back in Antigua, Des is having to ask herself the tough questions. Actually, Hare is. Is she going to go on? She weakly decides to continue on because "her spirit" isn't broken. Brooks may take her life, but he'll never take her freedom! Anyways, she proceeds to look over the balcony in a silk maxi number that clearly shows her black thong underneath. Look, a girl can't bother to remember to wear a flesh colored thong when her world is falling apart. Back. Off.

She has a sad rose ceremony with Swimfan and Drew. When she explains about Brooks leavings, she makes it sound like she was so sad because it was just so late in the game. They both accept her roses and vow to the camera to stick by her through the long haul. Swimfan may regret this promise later when they play back the tapes.

Des reveals that she needs another date with each guy before they can meet her fams. Her date with Drew is first. They hop on a couple of horses and begin to mosey over to a nearby beach. They have an awkward convo on the way that is basically a series of yes/no questions about what they have each been up to for the last day. During this convo, Des is thinking - geez, this is awkward. There is clearly no spark, and we have nothing to say to each other. Meanwhile, Drew is thinking. Geez! This is awesome! We are so madly in love, we don't need to have interesting conversation! It's totally cool that we have nothing to say to each other!

When Drew starts eagerly toasting to be madly in love, Des knows she needs to nip it in the bud. I know that I have been vocal about not really liking Drew for some reason, but I really felt badly for him here. It was the first time that I really liked him. Maybe because he was showing emotion, and it really came through as genuine. Poor guy. He was so sweet about it though, reassuring her that she didn't need to feel guilty for not loving him. I couldn't help but compare that to Des' and Brooks' convo from the last episode. I also kept wondering if he would have to ride the horse back.

So with Drew out of the picture, Des began the long, weird charade of pretending with Swimfan that there were two guys still in the race. I just found this so strange. I felt like she couldn't tell him he was the only one left, because then she would have to admit right then whether she loved him or not, and she needed more time. So by not mentioning that Drew left, she was able to wait until the last possible moment, Proposal Platform, to say LOVE YA TOO.

Anyways, they have an awesome date, and Des agrees to have Swimfan meet the fam. The family meeting was basically just Des' brother asking a bunch of questions, and Swimfan asking Des' dad for her hand in marriage. Swimfan weathered the questions from the bro well. Des and her bro had a heart to heart, and Des made the sweeping statement that she loved Swimfan and wanted to spend her life with him...at this point in time. This qualifier reminded me of that ep of How I Met Your Mother, where you keep someone "on the line" by telling them that you couldn't be with them...right now.

Swimfan picked out a shiny sparkler from Neil Lane. We knew that he was going to propose, but would Des accept? Would Brooks come back??? At this point, I thought the only way for Swimfan to save face later was for Brooks to come back and for Des to deny him and say that she loved Swimfan. That did not happen. Instead, she "came clean" to Swimfan before he proposed, saying that she "loved Brooks," and that she was "torn" between the two before. I feel like this is sort of a lie. It never seemed like she was "torn" between them. It always seemed that she would definitely pick Brooks, even though she like Swimfan a lot. Anyways, Swimfan accepts it all, and still proposes. And for the record, he does not seem to care that Des led him to believe that Drew was still around for that last week.

AFTR: I really didn't see much of this. But it seems like Des and Swimfan are happy. And I really hope they are! The romantic in me always hopes that the "winners" stay together and stay happy. I am always a little sad when they inevitably break up. (Um, set the date already Sean, stop making me nervous). I am happy that Jason and Molly are still happily married and now have a new kiddo, even though he did that switcheroo back in the day. (Molly has a blog by the way! Did you know?). And really, Des' actions can't be worse than actually picking Brooks for real and then changing her mind, right? Swimfan seems like a sweet, stand-up guy.

Ha-wan Pah-blo. It's your time to shine! I can't wait to see how his season goes. I'm a little nervous that the reason we all like him so much was *because* he didn't have much screen time this season. Guess we will see!

My only other comment is this: That blonde chick from Sean's season looked like she should be singing Like a Virgin and writhing on the floor of the MTV awards circa 1982.

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