Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This Blog is the Perfect Place to Fall in Love

Monday night = Bachelor/Bachelorette Night for me. It is basically the only reason I can get through a Monday. When Dancing with the Stars comes on, Mondays go back to being terrible, and I get a little irate. I love the Bachelor, I can't help it! It is like the Twinkie of tv shows - fluffy, sweet, bad for you, and people judge you because you like it. Well, I don't care!

Des' season seems to have gone by really fast. Last night I said to Dan, "I can't believe next week will be hometown dates already!" His response: "And soon it will end and you will have nothing (smirk)." Did I mention that Dan is a smart ass? Also, he's still sad that Game of Thrones is over for the time being. So am I really.

I won't do a full recap, I'll leave that to the hilarious gal over www.ihategreenbeans.com. But here are a few thoughts about last night's episode:

- Des' chat with the girls was funny. First off, how awkward was it when she asked Catherine how Sean was? Clearly, the producers made her ask that. BUT I sort of enjoyed their chat afterwards. I love how Des was completely unapologetic about kissing all of the guys.
- At the beginning of Brooks' date as they were driving up a winding road, Des uttered this statement, "I'm on the 'road' to falling in love with him." Eye roll.
- Chris - Isn't he the spitting image of the actor in the thriller classic, Swimfan? (To be honest, I have never seen Swimfan, but that is what Dan and I call the Chris guy now). I really know him as the dreamy love interest in Bring It On.


- I was incredibly impressed with Des' authentic fireworks impression. She could be one of those people who makes sounds with their mouths. Like that guy in the Police Academy movies.
- I am not sure how I feel about her thing with Swimfan and the poetry. Like, I want to roll my eyes and hate it for being so cheesy. BUT she seems to be so touched by it every time, that I feel my eyes getting a little misty. Why am I so weak???
- Des is obsessed with short metallic skirts.
- Michael, the prosecutor, is a huge mama's boy. Maybe that is why is was cuckolded by his ex-girlfriend. (The word cuckolded is truly not used enough).
- Zak's teeth are so so white. And he has male crazy eyes.

I can't remember another season where they were so straightforward about how she feels about the guys as last night - clearly Brooks is the front runner. Which makes me think something tragic is going to happen with Brooks. And I mean The Bachelor definition of tragic, like he will just suddenly realize he doesn't want to settle down or that he just doesn't like Des that much.

So who do we think the next Bachelor will be? Not Zak, he's too goofy. There is something I don't like about Drew. I feel like he is too "Jake Pavelka" for me. And FYI, I *HATED* Jake. If you liked Jake, I worry about you. So I think it will be either Brooks or Swimfan, whoever doesn't get picked. I could also see them going deep and picking Juan Pablo (why did we not see more of him this season??). I have managed not to be spoiled this season so far!


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