Tuesday, July 16, 2013

This Blog has all of the Qualities You are Looking for in a Blog (The Bachelorette)

Hometown Dates! Yay! However, let's first address that it seems they are going to cram overnights, the final two, and the final rose ceremony into one episode two weeks from now. Usually overnights is its own separate episode, then Men Tell All, then the finale. Ugh! Oh well, I guess I will muddle through somehow.

We all knew Zak was a goner this week, right? But if you weren't sure at first, a clear sign was Des confessing to Zak that she wasn't nervous at all to meet Zak's family. You should always be a little nervous if you care. Apparently, Zak's family owns a snow cone business and dabbles in awkward singing. The intensely awkward family sing along was almost too much to bear. Des started crying during. I think she wanted to make it seem like she was moved to tears because it meant so much to her. I think they were either tears from trying not to laugh or tears of desperation to be anywhere but on that couch.

Ugh, Drew. I feel like he is probably a genuine person. But I just can't like him because he reminds me so much of Jake Pavelka. He is just too shiny. He told the camera he was excited to tell Des those "three magical words in that order." Which makes me think that previously, he has gone Yoda on her and said "Love you, I?" He was incredibly sweet towards his sister though.

Is it just me, or is the only word that Des uses to describe Swimfan "athletic?" Well he perpetuated this description of himself by taking her to a baseball field. I have to say, Des looked super cute in her baseball gear. Zak would be miffed if he knew that Des drew some pictures for Swimfan, because drawing dumb pictures for each other is their thing. Maybe Zak would be comforted to know that Des clearly bartered with one of the snow cone kids to draw it for her in exchange for a snow cone. I am not going to even get into the whole nose adjustment thing. Ack!

Ugh! Badly drawn pictures is OUR thing!

In clear contrast to Des not being nervous at all to meet Zak's family, she REALLY cared about what Brooks' family thought of her. Also she made a present for Brooks. Don't worry, it wasn't more kindergarten pictures, but a list of their top moments. Phew! Even though Brooks seem to need a lot of reassurance from his family and he didn't drop the L bomb, the date seemed to go well. Weird though, there weren't any family sing-alongs.

The convo with her shifty brother was pretty dumb. I hope that is the last we see of him. Clearly, they aren't close.

She told Chris Hare that she wants a proposal from Brooks. They have never been this straightforward before! I hope that she does end up picking Brooks, because I would feel sorry for Swimfan if she ends up choosing him, and he has to deal with the fact that he was her 2nd choice. So it seems that Des has some sort of breakdown coming up. Yay!

For a full hilarious recap, I like the lady over at ihategreenbeans.com. I'm sad that the season is almost over!


  1. So, is Brooks a Mormon? Did I miss something? He lives in Salt lake City and has like half a dozen brothers and sisters. It would be v. awkward to get to the end and have him introduce Des to his other wives. Oops!

    Chris is still my fav despite the weird family experience. And the poetry moments with him are not the most terrible moments from this season. The whole rap video episode was pretty tragic and the cloud 9 moment with Brooks in Madeira were the worst! Though I now want to go to Madeira.

    Can't wait for the finale. Drama is coming!

  2. I totally didn't catch that Brooks was a Morman. Jef was on Emily's season, and I think they actually talked about it. I thought that was very mature of the Bachelorette to actually discuss religion. I guess not this season!

    OMG. The rap video. Please erase that from my mind. I like Swimfan, too. And I guess it could be handy for his dad to be a chiropractor. I would like to go to Madeira, too. Let's have Chris and Dan watch the boys and you and I can hop a plane!