Monday, July 29, 2013

Push Present: Selfish or Well-Deserved?

I saw this on a lot of pregnancy discussion boards before I had Ben. The talk about push presents. Without fail, someone would always say, "My precious newborn is push present enough for me." Or, "I thought the baby was my present!" Ugh. This statement kind of reminds me of the Pregnant Women are Smug song (here).

Me and My Real Push Present (haha)
Yes, I would much rather have my precious newborn over some bauble. But, luckily, I didn't have to choose between the two. I got both! I think push presents get a bad rap because you hear about the really overboard gifts that celebs get. Most are along the lines of humongous diamond rings. But here's the thing - I am pretty sure Beyonce and I don't get the same thing for Christmas, so why would we get the same push present? That is to say, I am happy with something a bit more humble. It doesn't have to be a huge diamond something or nothing.

Dan's Sweet Gift to Me
For my push present, Dan gave me an adorable pacifier charm for my Pandora bracelet. I loved it and still do. But, what really made me cry was the sweet card he gave me with it. It was just a funny card with some heartfelt words from him to me. I was feeling overwhelmed after Ben's crazy birth, and it was just an incredible reminder of how Dan was there for us.

So, if you are about to be a new father, get your wife a push present. You can handle this extra errand. Let's face it, I'm sure your wife has planned everything else, from the hospital she's giving birth at to the list of items to bring for the baby. You have 9 months to go buy it. You can do it! Even if your wife says she doesn't want one, she's lying. She will love it when you give it to her. If budget is an issue (and it always is, let's face it), do something small or at least write out a really sweet note on a card. It will mean the world to her. After all, she did just push a melon out of her hoo-haa (or in my case, get cut in half while she was out cold).

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