Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Name is Abbey, and I have a Housekeeper

This is totally what I look like when I clean.
Let's talk about the dirty stuff - dishes, laundry, toilets, floors. I, like most of the general population I assume, love a clean house and hate to do it myself. I can keep up with the day to day stuff - the kitchen sink is normally kept clear, I put away toys and blankets at the end of the day, laundry, etc. But for the heavy lifting (i.e. the bathrooms, the floors, the dusting, etc), I have a housekeeper that comes every other week. It is, hands down, the best $200 I spend every month.

I started having my house cleaned about a couple of years ago. I was getting tired of spending a full day on my weekends cleaning. Also, my house was never entirely clean at once - I would clean in sections, and then get tired and quit. Having guests was stressful because I would have to really clean beforehand. It was always a thing I had to do in the back of my head. I wanted to be free to enjoy my weekends without that constant "to do."

You might roll your eyes, but it was life changing. I am way more easy going about having people over, because my house is normally clean. I may need to straighten up, but I don't need to worry about things being gross. I feel more relaxed in my house, and I am not dreading the clean-up over the weekend. I am so glad I started this before I had Ben, because it is so nice to have it established now that I have even less time to do things and something else that I want to be doing so much more.

I think moms, and women in general, sometimes have a hard time paying someone to clean their house. More guilt. I have two hands, and I can clean. Can we afford it? There are so many other things we need to spend money on. Well, first, let me tell you - I considered myself pretty good at cleaning. But the first time my housekeeper came in and did a thorough cleaning, I realize I was just an amateur. With regards to the money issue - Dan and I have a mortgage and student loan debt, and I am sure that we could be doing more to put money towards savings. Sometimes, it seems silly that I have a housekeeper. We live in a modest split level home with hand-me-down furniture. We have linoleum kitchen floors and original 60's cabinets. I buy generic soda. But, I still wouldn't cut out the housekeeper to save money. It just really improves my quality of life. So I am going to have a housekeeper, and I am not going to feel bad about it.

Our House.
By the way, I think stay at home moms should also not feel guilty about having/wanting/needing a housekeeper. Everyone needs help, and if having someone clean your house is high on your priority list and can help make you sane, go for it!


  1. My cuz-in-law, Karen, posted this on my facebook page, and I wanted to include it here because it makes great points: I love your blog, I don't know how to leave comments but I wanted to say do you think men feel guilty about getting landscapers? I think what may be even more exciting than a cleaning lady is grocery delivery. I may have cried tears of joy the first time someone brought a week's worth of food to my kitchen and saved me a trip to the store with my perfectly behaved children.

  2. I really do think that landscapers are the equivalent to housekeepers to guys, and I have talked to Dan about this a bit. He DREADS mowing the lawn, and I have asked about getting someone to do it. He feels guilty about it though, because he has all of the tools, etc. Once, I got someone to mow for him as a surprise. The one good thing is that it is seasonal, so you don't have to worry about it half of the year.

    Grocery delivery!!! That is not more exciting to me than a cleaning lady right now, but it probably totally would be if I had three kids like you :) I've started doing some small grocery trips during my lunch break, and then I'll usually go to the grocery store over the weekend while Dan stays home with Ben. Right now, if I have him with me, he is pretty low maint. I use a carrier and he has been good.

    I used to do grocery delivery all of the time when I lived in D.C. Will definitely need to revisit in the future...

  3. Don't feel too bad about the house keeper! BEFORE they had kids I had some friends who had 1 bedroom condos/apartments who had housekeepers and I don't judge them. Busy women need help and it's OK to admit it. Good for you for getting help! It will cut down on your stress and add years to your life (theoretically). Great blog by the way
    -Teresa Hart

  4. Thanks Teresa! Good point - busy people need help regardless of their kid status.