Thursday, July 11, 2013

Happy (early) Birthday to Me

Is it just me or does my hand look fat?
This is a part early birthday present to myself and part of the Treat Yo'self idea I talked about here. About two years ago, I complimented one of my sister's friends on her necklace. She told me that she got it from a website called The Vintage Pearl. I loved it so much that it stuck in my head since then. I finally got my own! It is basically an online jewelry store where you can get pretty personalized stamped silver charms for necklaces. I got a charm for Ben, Dan and Shelby. The necklace that I got was the "eclectic charm necklace." It comes with a standard 18" chain, but I paid more for the longer 24" chain, and it is the perfect length for me. I love it! It is definitely perking up my working day and keeping my family close to my heart.

By the way, this probably goes without saying since my blog is brand new, and I am pretty sure the only readers are myself, my sister, and my mother-in-law, but I am not being paid by The Vintage Pearl. I paid in full for my necklace. I am just sharing because I love it and think it's cool. :)

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