Monday, July 8, 2013

First Cold, Here We Go!

I heard from everywhere that daycare babies get sick more often than babies that stay at home. It makes sense - the daycare babies are around other babies and people more, share toys, etc. Ben started daycare on June 21st and came down with his first cold ever on July 4th. We were lucky that it was a holiday weekend, so we had a few days before he had to go back to daycare. I got his cold one day later.

On Saturday.
It turns out there is basically nothing you can do for a baby re: a common cold except let it take its course. He had a low grade fever the first day, which you are not supposed to treat with Tylenol because you want the body to fight the virus, or whatever. Since then, he has basically been congested with an occasional cough. We did the humidifier thing, and I also sat with him in the bathroom for a steam shower.

I am almost (ALMOST!) glad that I got the cold too, because then I was super sympathetic to him. I felt pretty crappy, so imagine how poor Ben felt, never having had a cold before! Of course, then guilt set in at some point. If he wasn't in daycare, he wouldn't have gotten sick. Poor baby. I am really hoping that he gets a strong immunity soon and this doesn't happen all of the time. Fingers crossed!

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